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1582 Mariupol residents killed by Russia

During the 12 days of blockade of the City located in Donetsk, Russian forces have shelled residential areas and killed over 1582 civilians recorded by the Mariupol City council

Civilians trapped in Ukraine’s Mariupol have suffered two days of hell as every 30 minutes, planes roars over the city, even on residential areas killing several civilians. The 10 days siege has resulted in at least 1300 deaths and bodies are being burned in mass graves, while the streets are littered with burned out cans and tyres, broken glasses etc

“The situation is so bad that people started to attack themselves for food and survival” said a resident

The mortality rate increased when the city’s hospital was attacked some days ago killing people and injuring several others.

Mariupol which is strategically important to the Russians, as it is a link to Moscow in the Eastern part of Russia

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