Wilford Brimley, Face of Quaker Oats Diabetes Campaign is dead

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

Iconic Actor Wilford Brimley is dead, at 84. He was the face of Quaker Oats for years, as well as a spokesperson for diabetes education.

According to TMZ, Wilford Brimley passed away Saturday morning at his home in Utah. Sources with direct knowledge of Wilford’s health said that he was in an ICU wing of a hospital on dialysis, and very sick for days.

Wilford had a lengthy career on camera, dating back to the 1970s with over 70 acting credits. He’s perhaps most known for roles in cult classic films like ‘Cocoon’, ‘The Natural’, ‘The Thing’, ‘Hard Target’, and countless other memorable on-screen appearances, big and small.

Brimley started out as mostly a TV actor, landing one-time roles on TV series like ‘How the West Was Won’, ‘Kung Fu’, ‘The Oregon Trail’, and then eventually, a recurring part on ‘The Waltons’. He went on to star in a bunch of TV movies, such as ‘The Wild Wild West Revisited’, ‘Amber Waves’, ‘Roughnecks’, ‘Rodeo Girl’, ‘The Big Black Pill’, and so on.

A representative for Wilford tells TMZ that one of his favorite quotes was from a sign at a blacksmith’s shop. It read,

“There is nothing made, sold, or done that can’t be made, sold, or done cheaper. If price is your only concern, please do business with my competitor.”

He is survived by his wife, Beverly, and his three children.


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