New FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike Says He is not in Abuja to Fly Party Flags but to Sanitize the City

The newly inaugurated Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Chief Nyesom Wike has declared that he is not in Abuja to fly party flags but to fix Abuja and make it a befitting federal capital city.

The former governor of Rivers State made this statement in his first press conference.

Barrister Wike declared he was in the FCT to bring the benefits of democracy to the territory and restore it to its former grandeur.

The FCT he minister unveiled a 10-point agenda that included, among other deliverables, security, city sanitation, preservation of the Abuja Master Plan, infrastructure development, restoration of green areas, removal of shanties, blocking revenue leaks, and ground rent payments Payment, among other deliverables.

The minister spoke in response to questions from newsmen on the party flags he is likely to fly as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, and stated clearly that FCT residents should be more worried about burning issues needing urgent intervention and not the party flag he will be flying.

In his words; “Why should anyone be bothered about what party flag I will be flying? Ok bring the PDP flag, I will fly it, bring the Labour Party flag, I will fly it. The FCT is in this state and you think the people are bothered about the party flag I fly? I will fly the Nigerian flag and ensure the FCT returns to the dreams of the founding fathers.

“We will bring FCT back to where it ought to be. So many people have complained that this is not the FCT of the founding fathers. We must tackle the issue of security. FCT should be where people come for holidays.”

Wike stated that he will take the security of Abuja seriously and warned that the FCT Administration under his leadership will not take excuses from security agencies as they will be provided with the required tools to work as the issue of security is germane.

He also pledged to sanitise the city and end the raise of slums and shanties across the city.

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