“80% of African marriages is for women to do house chores”- Actress Lizzy Gold

Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Gold has revealed that she might not get married because 80% of African marriages is setup just for women to do house chores.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress shared a snap which claimed that she saw a heavily pregnant woman wash the clothes of her husband, while he just stood there gisting.

She then asked if the woman being pregnant wasn’t enough chores already and asked why the man couldn’t help to do the chores too.

In the caption of her post, she claimed that 80% of marriages in Africa are just for the women to do house chores.

Though she didn’t backup how she came about such stats, she went on to query her fans if this is truly what marriage is meant for.

“I’ve realised 80 percent of marriages in Africa women are meant to do the house chores…

“Please is this what marriage is about?married couples I need your attention here..maybe if someone explains better to me I might change my mind about marriage..”

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