Cynthia Morgan slams former manager, Joy Tongo days after she attached ‘RIP’ to her photo

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan, has slammed her former Manager, Joy Tongo who quoted scriptures after the former attached ‘RIP’ to her photo.

Recall that last week, Joy Tongo quoted Bible verses centered on life in reaction to the RIP post that Cynthia Morgan made on her picture, wishing her dead.

However reacting to post, Cynthia Morgan has described her former manager as an old witch who is quoting scriptures.

Cynthia took to Instagram, as she commented under Joy’s bible quote post.

“Hahaaaaaa old witch with the scriptures.

Cynthia has also accused her former boss Jude Okoye of owing her N20 million as she called him out on social media, demanding for her money.

However, Jude also fired back on Twitter, as he claimed he’s not owing Cynthia Morgan.

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