Davido opens up on reasons behind leaving social media for 3 months

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

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Speaking in a radio interview on Tuesday, the singer explained that activities he was engaged in were already taking a toll on him and he decided to take time off to concentrate on himself.

In his interview, he revealed he never knew he was going to stay away from social media for so long, as he had been on the road for nine years doing music, tours and much more which began to affect him.

The singer then went further to reveal that he had initially planned to take just a week off, but later realised he might break down if he does not reduce the tempo at which he works.

He said if he breaks down, members of his team are going to be affected, hence, he decided to leave and regroup.

He said the decision helped as he is very happy now.

On Wednesday 3rd of June, Davido posted on his Instagram page that if people can’t reach him he would get in touch with them. He said he needed to live his life and take care of himself. He also said that he needed to do some cleansing and had changed his phone number.

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