“Dress decently and avoid harassment”- Victoria Inyama reacts to video of tout harassing lady

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

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Nollywood Actress, Victoria Inyama has reacted to the viral video of a tout harassing a lady in Lagos yesterday, saying ladies should learn to dress decently.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress wrote that the Nation, at the moment where everyone is tensed and it is important for women to understand how necessary it is to comport themselves when going to public places.

She made it clear that various dressings should go with various places. If a lady is going to work, she should dress like she’s going to work. If she’s going to the market, she shouldn’t dress like she’s going to the club.

“I know that the hardship in that country is so severe it has eaten up the common sense side of the brain. African women, dress decent and stop copying the Western world. Their system works. Regardless of anything, there are Laws that protect women over there. There are no laws like that in this country. Dress Responsibly. How difficult is that?

“We know that our leaders have failed us, and the country is frustrating all of us. So why are you frustrating yourself as well?”

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