Has Hushpuppi been released from prison?

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

Many Nigerians are wondering if suspected Nigerian fraudster and Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi, has been released from prison.

As we all know, Ramon Abbas is currently in court over fraud charges in the US, but new information has insinuated he might have been released from prison.

Information shared on the U.S Federal Bureau of Prisons website, indicates that Hushpuppi has been released.

A quick search for Hushpuppi’s name and serial number on the Bureau of Prisons website showed that he was ‘released’ on Monday.

As we all know, Hushpuppi’s bail application failed in spite of his lawyer, Gal Pissetzky insisting that his job as an Instagram celebrity paid for the $10,000 monthly rent on his luxury Dubai flat.

His lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, had applied for bail and requested that he is given an ankle monitor while he lives with the uncle of a woman he has a baby with, but US prosecutors opposed the bail application.

US prosecutors said that he poses flight risk and could commit crime with just a smartphone and an internet connection.

See some reactions to the development below;


“In this life, do anything you want but don’t pray to be poor it can even affect your imam. Just dont pray to be poor!! I mean look at Hushpuppi now, free and living life. Just don’t be poor”


“Hushpuppi who was arrested for a $430M Cyberscam has been released, Watch how Yahoo boys are going to use his release to draft out new motivational quotes. You sure say me sef no go enter Yahoo”


“It has come to my notice that the the US federal bureau of prison has released hushpuppi to go and take course from the people that recently hacked Bill gates, Jeff bezoz, Twitter and co. If he did well then his sentence will be reduced.”

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