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Packaged dried/smoked fish Is a highly profitable, low start-up capital business in the aquaculture value chain that is far less stressful to manage than fish farming and has very high health benefits for consumers and end-users.

With little or no technical knowledge requirements, availability of fish all year round, a modern, environmentally friendly drying/smoking process, a very large fish eating population that is currently underserved and a promising export market, it has the potential to create sustainable wealth.

This business falls under the small and medium scale enterprises in the agriculture value chain that is encouraged and supported by the government because of its job creation potential especially for youth.

This Ebook will teach you:
◆ Step by step process on how to start a lucrative dried/smoked fish business with little capital.
◆ How and where to source for fresh fish.
◆ How and where to source for modern, cost-effective, environmentally friendly fish drying/smoking machines of various types, sizes and costs in Nigeria and abroad.
◆ The available market.
◆ A detailed effective and penetrating marketing strategy guide.
◆ How to get your NAFDAC registration/Approval by yourself without necessarily using a consultant, for N8,000 only between now and August 2020.
◆ The different entry levels for the business with different capital requirements.
◆ Sample cash flow statement template. 
◆ How to go about raising funds for your business. 

PRICE: =N=1,000 ONLY

To purchase: Send the word “Purchase” 
via WhatsApp to: +2348033061711 
OR via email to: for purchase details.

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Joseph Chukwuma Oputa

Joseph Chukwuma Oputa is the Managing Editor of Maslow Businessnews and Physicians News publications published by Maslow Business News Publications, Lagos, Nigeria.

Joseph Oputa is a proud Alumnus of the prestigious Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos and Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State.

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