How Tottenham Star, Dele Ali Continues To Ignore His Nigerian Root

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Dele Alli is considered as one of the brightest English footballer. The talented attacking midfielder has continued to improve his all round game year after year, with many calling him the “New Frank Lampard”.


You must have heard of the saying, “family is everything” but this is not the case of Tottenham Hotspur player, Dele Alli. Till date, Dele has closed all form of communication to his family.


According to news story published by Opera News, Dele’s father, Kehinde Alli got married to Denise Fitch in 1995 and in 1996, Dele Alli was born in Milton Keynes. Kehinde Alli who was in the United Kingdom studying for a Masters at De Montfort University had met Denise at a nightclub. They have since been divorced.




When Dele Alli was 8 years old, his father, Kehinde came back to his homeland, Lagos after the completion of his studies abroad. He lived and schooled in Lagos for a year before he later moved to his father’s mansion in Houston, Texas. At 11 years old, the talented Tottenham Hotspur player, returned to England.




While in England, Dele Alli moved in with a family of one of his teammates at his first club Milton Keynes DonsHarry Hickford. He refers to them as his ‘adoptive parents’ although they never legally adopted him. This began the journey of disconnection between Dele Alli and his family.


In 2016, the Tottenham star changed the name on the back of his international shirt, from Alli to Dele because, according to him, he felt no connection with the surname Alli.




When Dele’s mother in 2018, tried to meet with him after a match at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane stadium. Dele Alli reportedly ignored her and went to his car without even stopping. These memories caused a strong pain in Denise Fitch’s heart. She did not have a ticket and waited outside to get at least some chance to see her son.


Dele Alli’s father, Kehinde Alli who is a Gas, oil and technology tycoon believes that his son is under the harmful influence of the third parties seeking financial gain.




He repeatedly crossed the distance of 5,000 miles from Houston to London to talk with Dele and restore the lost connection. Kehinde bought tickets for tournaments at home and abroad to see him live.


Somehow he spent the whole day outside the Tottenham’s training field just to meet with Dele. The father does not need the son’s money because he is rich enough himself. He just wants to be around.


Source: Opera News

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