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Reflections Compendium published to mark ACT-A’s Third Anniversary – featuring perspectives from across the partnership

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO)

—Outcome Statement from Tracking & Monitoring Taskforce co-chairs details progress made against Transition Plan objectives, and how partnership will continue its work until Public Health Emergency of Concern (PHEIC) is over

The ACT-Accelerator (ACT-A) has today published the Outcome Statement from the third meeting of its Tracking and Monitoring Taskforce, and a Reflections Compendium to mark the partnership’s third anniversary, as it adjusts its operations for the next phase of the pandemic.

The Outcome Statement is an output of the third meeting of the ACT-Accelerator Tracking and Monitoring Taskforce, held on 31st March 2023. This Taskforce – co-chaired by India and the United States of America – has continued key elements of the work of the Facilitation Council and its working groups since October 2022. As detailed in the statement, the meeting heard an update on the progress made against the ACT-A Transition Plan objectives, discussed the status of R&D for new tools, and featured a look ahead to legacy initiatives borne out of ACT-A’s work, as well as learnings that can be applied to a future countermeasures platform. The statement also summarizes the plans laid out by the ACT-A partnership to continue to coordinate operations, communicate on new developments and maintain surge readiness until the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is declared over, with the Taskforce available to reactivate in case needed.

The ACT-Accelerator Reflections Compendium features voices from across the partnership, reflecting on the experiences, successes and challenges of this unprecedented global collaboration and highlighting important learnings for the future from those who were involved in a variety of capacities. Key stakeholders including Facilitation Council member countries and regional entities, partner agencies, envoys, civil society and industry representatives, donors and others share their thoughts on ACT-A. Additionally, the compendium includes six country stories that demonstrate the work of the partnership in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Peru, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Philippines and Mongolia, focusing on areas such as expanding access to medical oxygen, accelerating vaccine delivery and advocating for self-testing.

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