Southern Kaduna Killings: Catholic Bishop appeals for peace

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

Archbishop Matthew Ndagoso, representing the Province Bishops, comprising those of Kaduna, Kano, Kontagora, Minna, Sokoto, and Zaria dioceses, which make up the Ecclesiastic Province has appealed to traditional rulers and religious leaders in Southern Kaduna and its environs to continue to make effort towards peace.

He, on behalf of others spoke when they visited the Chiefs of Kagoro, Takad, and the Emir of Jama’a, in Southern Kaduna.

He said that they were aware of the efforts that has been made.

“We enjoin you to remain relentless in making your sacrifices for those under your care.

“Learn to embrace all, irrespective of class or status. God who sees our hearts will bless your efforts and bring healing to your communities.

“You, more than anyone else, feel the hurt and are daily witnessing the brokenness within your own communities.

“Please, we call on you, stand together. You are above politics and above ethnicity. Let solidarity remain your watchword.

“To our women who watch the homestead and are custodians of the hopes of our families, you are always the first in the line of sufferings that these afflictions bring.

“Often, you helplessly watch your own husbands and children being brutally and gruesomely murdered. Some of your fellow women have lost their lives too.

“These tragedies have left many of you widows and left bitter memories. They have left you with children to look after. Do not be afraid of the future.

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