TBoss opens up on why she had her baby through Cesarean section

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

Reality TV star, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has opened up on why she had her baby through cesarean section.

Taking to Instagram, the influencer revealed that she had the C-section because she was eager to meet her baby at the time.

The mother of one narrated how she had to choose between becoming a mother and continuing with the ‘celebrity lifestyle’ and she decided to become a mother as she wanted the baby more than any other thing in life.

“I had the choices of being a mother or continuing with this celebrity lifestyle and I thought about it for a nanosecond and said I was going to be a mom. I was like, I wasn’t even thinking about it, everything else could go, I don’t care. I want that baby.

“I actually brought out my child twelve days earlier because I couldn’t wait. I wanted to hold her in my arms. I wanted to see and kiss her. I just couldn’t wait any more.

“I was too eager, plus I some horrible Braxton Hicks and some reactions that made the doctor advise we bring her out, just in case”.

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