Viral video shows suspected Police men harass lady found in home of a suspected criminal in Ibadan.

Written by Chukwuma Obiasia

A video that has quickly gone viral, shows suspected police men harassing a 25-year-old lady after she was caught alongside a suspected kidnapper in his home in Ibadan, Oyo state.

The lady in the video which was recorded by one of the suspected Police men, introduced herself as Towobola, a graduate of the University of Ibadan who recently completed her NYSC while trying to prove her innocence.

Towobola was pushed to the ground by the security officials while trying to cover herself from the camera as she claimed she just met the suspect along her area of residence.

The officer began questioning her, asking her for her boyfriend and what she was doing with the criminal suspect in his home. He also demanded to know if she was a virgin and why she left her previous relationship for this one.

Towobola who was visibly shaking replied that her boyfriend broke up with her willingly due to irreconcilable differences and ‘time to time’ conflicts.

Accusing her of fornication and waywardness, Towobola revealed that she lost her virginity this year and she did not date anybody besides her boyfriend.

The officer simply identified as Wyclef also asked why Towobola accepted the suspect’s proposal and the kind of job the suspect told her he’s doing.

She said he told her he deals with production of drinks such as coke, has a company producing soft drinks and sells them in Lagos, she also stressed that the suspect told her that he came for meeting in Ibadan.

Towobola said she sells shoes and the suspect told her that he wanted to buy shoes. She added that she only came to see the guy in the morning of the day they were arrested after he begged her to come and cook for him.

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